Caravan owners are “susceptible,” according to experts, who recommend that drivers install tracking devices.


Caravan owners are “susceptible,” according to experts, who recommend that drivers install tracking devices.

To improve safety, caravan and motorhome owners are being asked to install tracking devices on their trailers.

Caravan owners who install tracking devices benefit from lower premiums and a high recovery rate, which should encourage drivers to use them. Motorhomes, according to experts at Trackershop, are “more vulnerable” than other types of vehicles since they are frequently left unattended.

“For one thing, trackers are frequently an insurance necessity, and many insurance companies will insist on an approved tracker, particularly on high-value models,” they stated.

“They may also be able to lower insurance premiums.

“Perhaps the most compelling argument to install a tracker is the 95 percent recovery rate of automobiles equipped with one.

“[This] contrasts with those who are incredibly tough to track down and recover.

“With 24/7 tracking and quick theft alerts on all tracking devices, motorhome trackers provide high-level security.

“Because motorhomes can be left unattended for months at a time, they are more vulnerable than other types of vehicles.

“A tracker will notify owners about possible theft and secure Police assistance wherever it is.”

Insurance companies will normally require drivers to have a Thatcham approved hard-wired tracker installed, according to experts at Trackershop.

This will be installed in the vehicle’s electrical system and will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This implies that once the tracker is installed, it will not need to be changed or altered.

Portable trackers, on the other hand, are “becoming a popular alternative” and can be “concealed anywhere,” according to experts.

This has the extra benefit of concealment, making it nearly impossible for criminals to discover.

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Portable chargers also have the advantage of being ready to use right out of the box.

This eliminates the necessity for road users to tamper with their vehicle’s internals in order to assure their safety.

According to Trackershop, recent research has revealed that caravan and motorhome owners do not secure their vehicles with proper vigilance.

According to research, only 13% of motorhomes have trackers fitted.

In the meantime, 54% of RV owners don’t have alarms installed in their vehicles.

This year, demand for caravans is expected to rise as more people opt for staycation vacations rather than traveling abroad.


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