Caravan owner attacks age limit laws as ‘pure selfishness’ since she stands to lose $5,000.


Caravan owner attacks age limit laws as ‘pure selfishness’ since she stands to lose $5,000.

A CARAVAN owner on a site in Lincolnshire claims she could lose £5,000 as a result of new site regulations.

Naomi Wilson, 53, paid £12,000 for a 2006 caravan last year, but within weeks, she received a letter warning her of a new age limit at the caravan site. All caravans at the Fantasy Island Sunnymede caravan site are now required to be 22 years old.

Mellors Group, the site’s operators, announced the age restrictions, claiming that they wanted tourists using the caravans to be safe.

Naomi would only be able to keep her caravan at the site for eight years before needing to transfer it due to the new age limit.

Naomi told Lincolnshire Live that Mellors Group offered to buy her caravan for £7,000, which was $5,000 less than what she paid for it.

“I don’t think this is good enough since I don’t see how my caravan’s worth could have dropped so much in a year,” she remarked.

“I’ve been trying to contact to someone from Mellors about it, but I’ve never received a proper response.

“I originally purchased the caravan as a location for me and my father to visit; he had dementia and passed away in April.

“However, he was well aware of the age restriction and advised me to continue fighting it since he believed what they had done was wrong.

“We also bought the van to rent to other families, and it’s fully booked until October, with a number of critical employees staying in it.

“However, I’m not in it for the money; I’m in it for people to be able to build memories on the East Coast like the ones I have from when my parents owned a chalet on Mablethorpe Beach.

“I believe this is all about greed, and I don’t believe anyone on the sites is being listened to.”

Ms Wilson also stated that she would be taking part in a demonstration outside the Fantasy Island site beginning next weekend, August 14.

“Many vacation parks maintain age limits, and in the current climate 15 years is regarded a ‘good innings,” according to the National Association of Caravan Owners (NACO) website.

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