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#CancelNetflix: Cuties Director Admits That Film is ‘Dangerous’ and Explores Femininity to Break the Social Norm

The world’s most popular streaming company and media entertainment giant, Netflix, is facing an insane amount of harsh criticisms and backlash after the premiere of ‘Cuties,’ a coming of age film that focuses on young girls said to be ‘sexualized’ by the movie. #CancelNetflix trends on Twitter, and users are furious about the movie.

American media entertainment company, Netflix, faces serious backlash and harsh criticism from its audience, particularly on Twitter, after the premiere of the coming-of-age film, ‘Cuties.’ The film focuses on an 11-year old French girl that joins an exclusive female dance group.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, Netflix apologized weeks ago for a poster that overly sexualizes the adolescent girls. However, another wave of criticisms floods the social media, Twitter, for allowing the film to premiere.

Twitter users now regard Netflix to promote inappropriate sexualization and ‘pedophilia’ with the controversial film. Even though the film’s Director is a French woman, Twitter users argue that inappropriate depiction is promoted by the media giant and embedded in the culture.

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Twitter users are now arguing that Netflix went far enough with promoting the film and allowing it to premiere to audiences, widely-accessible by children who will learn a thing or two from the movie.

These lessons are regarded by users to be harmful and misleading as inappropriate acts are promoted as a ‘culture.’

Even Rotten Tomatoes, a known film reviews website, receive backlash and criticisms for holding out a high 90 score for the film despite the low audience rating of five.

Maiimouna Doucure, the French writer and Director, along with Netflix, released a promotion snippet of the movie that explains why the movie was done. The clip found on YouTube is uploaded by the Netflix Film Club channel, entitled, “Why I Made Cuties.”

The YouTube short video explains the Director’s note on why the film was made, stating that this was what she experienced in her coming-of-age experience in Paris as a Senegalese-born immigrant. She admits that the film explores the dangers of little girls in social media, acting like a grown-up woman, to be more noticeable and successful.

Doucure adds that the film is meant to empower girls and women, focusing on the different spectrums of femininity, helping in breaking the social norms. The film aims to achieve a voice and movement that will provide growing-up and maturing ladies lessons that will help them.

The writer and director of the controversial film say that “it is dangerous,” exploring how a young girl gets lured into the dangers of social media to gratify their needs to be noticed, putting them in risky situations.

Moreover, Doucure said that the film is ‘apologetic’ of hyper-sexualization of children, not subjecting the actresses into endangerment.

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Written by Isaiah Alonzo

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