campaign for obesity with a slice of fries


Has Boris Johnson learned about the proposed new crackdown on obesity (Unhealthy snacks in supermarkets in England to be banned from checkouts, Dec. 28)? Vicky WolmuthLondon-Martin Tolley (Letters, Dec. 27) indicates that Oxford vaccine researchers are only using Windows 7 because they can not afford to upgrade to Windows 10. The picture on another page in the same print edition showing him surrounded by a Five Guys takeaway bag, chocolate, coke and beer indicates otherwise.

In several ways, I tried Windows 10 and found it inferior to Windows 7, so I went back to the older OS. “It is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury / Signifying nothing. “It’s a story/Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/Nothing sense. And what am I worth to society? David BradnackOxford- I don’t know if in the ’40s and’ 50s broccoli wasn’t invented in Yorkshire (Letters, Dec. 24), but back then, when the pigs were unwell, there were just pigs in blankets. Bob HargreavesBury, Greater Manchester- Attempting to put on a mask whilst wearing wool gloves could become a party game of the future.


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