Camilla warned against putting herself in an “uncomfortable” situation by assuming the title of Queen too soon.


Camilla warned against putting herself in an “uncomfortable” situation by assuming the title of Queen too soon.

The Duchess of Cornwall has been warned by a royal expert that taking the title of Queen so soon after the current monarch’s reign ends could be considered “insensitive.”

Camilla Parker Bowles may find herself in an awkward situation if she becomes Queen, as royal experts have advised her to wait for a “suitable gap” before making an announcement about her future title.

According to a royal expert, declaring the Duchess of Cornwall’s reign soon after Queen Elizabeth II’s death could be considered “insensitive.”

Prior to her wedding to Prince Charles in 2005, Clarence House issued a statement stating that after her husband ascended to the throne, Camilla would be known as Princess Consort.

Several recent reports, however, suggest that she may be given the title of Queen.

“Whether she chooses to call herself that is another matter, the only thing we have is that statement in 2005 that she would be Princess Consort,” royal photographer and biographer Ian Lloyd told

“I believe it would be regrettable if she were not Queen; the issue is that calling her Queen so soon after the current Queen’s reign has ended would be awkward, in my opinion.”

“I believe previous Queen Consorts have felt the same way; if you succeed so soon after a Queen’s death, it just seems insensitive.”

“First and foremost, I would wait for a suitable gap to make the announcement, such as from the moment of the coronation, which would be approximately a year after Charles succeeds to the throne, that she would then be known as Her Majesty the Queen.”

He also stated that he believes the Queen’s public support for Camilla’s future position would be beneficial.

“I think it would be very useful for the current Queen to issue a statement saying that she values Camilla’s work and hopes that she will succeed her as Queen,” Mr Lloyd continued.

“It’s not an order or an instruction; it’s just a suggestion to put it out there so that it’s ready to use.”

During the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2018, the 95-year-old monarch publicly endorsed the Prince of Wales as the next Commonwealth Head of Government, lobbying world leaders on his behalf.

In April 2005, in a private ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, the Duchess of Cornwall married the future king.

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