By preventing ‘ice and snow’ build-up with a household tip, drivers can save minutes.


By using a household tip to prevent ‘ice and snow’ build-up, drivers can save minutes.

According to experts, drivers can prevent “ice and snow” build-up on their vehicles by using common plastic carrier bags.

Drivers should “consider covering” their mirrors, according to experts at Vehicle Contracts, to avoid build-up.

When the bags are removed, drivers will notice that their mirrors are “nice and clear.”

This is because the bag acts as an insulator and protects the mirror from the elements.

“To save time clearing ice and snow from your car in the morning, consider covering your side mirrors with plastic bags,” they said.

“Any kind will do!” says the narrator.

“As long as the wing mirrors are covered and the bag is secured with a plastic band, it can go from a life bag to a bin bag.”

“When you take the bags off in the morning, you’ll notice that they’re nice and clear.”

Drivers will save time defrosting mirrors in the morning if they take preventative measures.

A driver must have a “complete view of the road and traffic,” according to the RAC, which means that side mirrors must be clear.

They warn that properly clearing a vehicle in the morning, including the side windows, mirrors, and lights, can take up to 10 minutes.

Vehicle Contracts has previously provided tips on how to use household hacks on your vehicle.

They previously suggested that the pocket sanitiser could be useful for defrosting car keys as the weather cools this winter.

A keyhole freezing over as the temperature drops is a “common occurrence,” they warn.

This will “make it impossible to turn the lock,” causing major traffic congestion.

“Nowadays, everyone tends to have hand sanitizer on them,” experts at Vehicle Contracts said, “which makes this particular hack all the more convenient.”

“When you use a manual car key, the keyhole frequently freezes over, making it impossible to turn the lock.

“Replacement car keys can cost up to £250 if you break the key in the lock, so it’s a costly problem to solve.”


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