By installing a bike rack, drivers risk being fined £5,000 and prosecuted with reckless driving.


By installing a bike rack, drivers risk being fined £5,000 and prosecuted with reckless driving.

Installing a bike rack to a car this summer might result in a fine of up to £5,000 or a charge of reckless driving.

When going on vacation or for a day out, many motorists may be caught off guard by the basic regulation, resulting in fines. Experts advise that it is the drivers’ “duty” to ensure that their roof rack is safe to use on the road.

This includes determining whether the rack’s weight is appropriate for the vehicles and whether it is securely mounted.

Experts also advise that the roof rack should not “obstruct” the driver’s view of the road in any way.

According to Joel Kempson, a spokeswoman for USwitch, a roof rack should have no effect on other road users.

He’s also asked drivers to double-check their existing policies to be sure they’re insured.

If drivers aren’t covered, Mr Kempson recommends getting “supplementary insurance” before going on a trip.

“Using roof boxes and bike racks is a terrific method to transport bulky loads,” he remarked.

“All we have to do now is make sure drivers are aware of the regulations and safety risks associated with their use.

“It is your obligation to make sure that the weight of your rack is appropriate for your vehicle and that anything you are transporting is securely put in place.

“The rack should not restrict your eyesight when driving, so ensure sure everything is secure and that your visibility is not obstructed in any way.

“It’s also crucial not to hit other drivers in the area, so make sure nothing is protruding in a risky way.

“If your current policy does not protect you, we propose that you purchase additional insurance.”

According to the AA, rood racks are excellent for transporting bulky or cumbersome objects on long travels.

They do warn, however, that road users must always stay under the pre-determined roof load to prevent being caught off guard.

They warn that this restriction “may be lower than you believe,” and experts advise drivers to consult their handbooks.

According to experts, it is preferable to carry big but light objects on the road and then load heavy stuff into the automobile.

MoneyShake’s CEO, Eban Lovatt, has previously warned that drivers could face fines if their bike racks or bicycles obscure other automobiles’ license plates.

Motorists will almost certainly be asked if the motorcycles obscure the vehicle’s brake lights.

“Bike sales soared during the shutdown, so.”Brinkwire Summary News”, he remarked.


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