Burglars, take note! Home security has never been easier thanks to new Google cameras.


Burglars, take note! Home security has never been easier thanks to new Google cameras.

GOOGLE has recently announced the release of two new battery-powered Nest cameras that can monitor your house without the use of wires.

For the past ten years, Google’s Nest brand has been keeping a watch on houses with a wide range of Wi-Fi-connected smart cameras, thermostats, and smoke alarms. Now, the company has introduced a handful of new additions to its lineup that may be precisely what customers have been looking for.

The new-and-improved Nest Doorbell, which adheres to your house and sends alerts whenever someone comes to the front door, is perhaps the most thrilling of the new Nest gadgets. Fans of Nest will be aware that the business already sells the award-winning Hello doorbell, but that gadget must be hard-wired into the mains, making it costly and difficult to install on your own. The Nest Hello is a very pricey alternative, with most vendors charging approximately £399 to buy and install one to a front door.

That all changes with the new Nest Doorbell, which costs £180 and is totally battery-powered, allowing anyone to charge it and attach it to their walls.

Don’t worry if the battery pack runs out while you’re waiting for an Amazon order; Google estimates that one charge will last for a few months with moderate use.

Along with being easy to install, this new camera also comes with three hours of free recordings and online playback via Google. That won’t let you view what happened on your drive overnight, but it’s a lot better than the Nest Hello, which doesn’t let you see any records unless you pay Google for the privilege.

You can still sign up for Nest Aware for 30 days of event video history (£5 per month) or the Nest Aware Plus membership for 60 days of replay (£10 per month) if you want to keep an eye on things for more than three hours.

The Nest Doorbell will also have a more modern and streamlined look, as well as four sorts of smart alerts, which means the camera will know if it detects a human, a parcel being delivered, a cat walking by, or a vehicle approaching outside.

Google also claims that its new cameras have become smarter, allowing them to. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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