BT and Virgin Media have been surpassed by hyperfast broadband at an unbelievable price.


BT and Virgin Media have been surpassed by hyperfast broadband at an unbelievable price.

Both BT and Virgin Media already provide houses with ridiculously fast broadband, but one of their competitors is delivering hyperfast speeds at an unbelievable price.

Both Virgin Media and BT are offering lightning-fast broadband to more homes in the UK. These Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now provide ultimate 1Gbps download speeds to millions of homes, allowing consumers to download full HD movies to their TVs in seconds. It’s all very remarkable, but this new technology comes at a cost.

Both BT and Virgin charge roughly £60 for their greatest broadband, making it an extremely costly option. If you look about, you can obtain 100Mbps download speeds for around £25 per month. If the cost of hyperfast broadband has deterred you, relief may be on the way from one of Virgin and BT’s competitors.

Hyperoptic has been delivering high-speed broadband to UK homes for more than a decade, and the company has just announced a sale with prices that are hard to believe. Anyone who joins this ISP right now may get 1Gbps bandwidth for just £35 per month, which is about half the regular cost.

That offer is only valid for the first 12 months, after which it will revert to the usual £60 monthly fee. There is no charge for activation, and installation is likewise free.

If 1Gbps isn’t fast enough for you, Hyperoptic also offers 500Mbps speeds for £30 (normally £50) and 150Mbps speeds for £25 (typically £35).

The one caveat is that Hyperoptic isn’t available in every part of the UK just now. Although the company is expanding, this link is only available in 43 cities.

If you live near a Hyperoptic, you can get the best deals here.

1Gbps may appear to be something that everyone wants, but do you actually need it? That’s an intriguing subject, and there’s little doubt that these speeds will become a must for any home in the future. The internet is similar to a highway in that the more traffic it has, the slower it becomes. As more people utilize it, things will grind to a standstill in busy houses with a slow connection.

Hypersonic fiber broadband is a type of high-speed internet. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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