BT and Nokia have made a breakthrough. just made your fiber broadband appear to be painfully slow


BT and Nokia have made a breakthrough. just made your fiber broadband appear to be painfully slow

BT-OWNED Openreach has partnered with Nokia to test the future generation of broadband, and it appears to be faster than your current connection. Here’s how to do it.

The UK’s internet speeds aren’t exactly world-leading, with a slew of countries, including Jersey, Gibraltar, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, and Estonia, all outperforming us in terms of download speeds. All of that, though, could be about to change.

Openreach, a division of BT, and Nokia, a telecoms company, have teamed together to test a new link, and the results make the UK’s present broadband look embarrassingly poor. The company has able to zip the web to devices at a phenomenal 25Gbps, which is about 400 times quicker than the current average broadband speed in the UK, thanks to cutting-edge technology.

A home with a regular 70Mbps connection, for example, would have to wait roughly 12 minutes to download a whole blockbuster movie in HD. With a 25Gbps connection streaming through the walls, the same video would be on your TV in less than a second.

For those with a PS5 or Xbox Series X, things get even better because triple-A titles may be downloaded in just 17 seconds. It presently takes some households more than two hours to download the most recent games, which can often exceed 100GB in size.

Openreach and Nokia claim to have accomplished this feat by employing cutting-edge “25G PON” technology, which can deliver high-speed broadband via a single optical fiber. What’s more, it’ll be able to function on the same underlying infrastructure that Openreach is presently constructing across the UK. This should enable bringing the update to the streets faster and easier without the need to dig up roads or replace existing fiber connections.

“As the country’s leading digital infrastructure provider, it’s vital that we continue to plan, innovate, and evolve our network, to ensure we have the capacity and capabilities that the UK needs in the future,” said Peter Bell, Director, Network Technology at Openreach.

“The Full Fibre network we’re constructing today will serve as the foundation for the UK’s economic, social, and environmental prosperity, and these tests show that we can keep improving the speeds and services our customers enjoy over that network for decades to come.”

Sandy Motley, President of Nokia Fixed Networks, was also present. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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