Bookings for driving tests are experiencing a “dramatic increase” as the DVSA makes up to 20,000 additional tests available.


Bookings for driving tests are experiencing a “dramatic increase” as the DVSA makes up to 20,000 additional tests available.

Bookings for driving tests are experiencing a “dramatic spike” as drivers scramble to secure a spot when restrictions loosen.

After numerous delays, experts at Bill Plant Driving School have cautioned that there are “literally thousands” of pupils wanting to take their tests. They also disclosed that there has been a “rush of people” enquiring about driving lessons, indicating that young people are keen to reclaim their liberties.

Bill Plant Driving School’s Head of Training, Peter Brabin, said it was critical for businesses to be able to meet the “surge in demand” so that everyone could get behind the wheel.

“All of our instructors are in the middle of educating and preparing their students for the impending exams.

“There has been a rush of people getting in touch asking for lessons as a result of the large spike in people attempting to get booked in to take a test.

“We can see how critical it is for the driving business to be completely prepared for the surge in demand that will occur in the near future.”

The DVSA said last week that extra driving exams would be made accessible to needy students.

They indicated that driving examiners would resume carrying up to seven tests each day, resulting in a monthly capacity increase of 15,000 to 20,000 tests.

The DVSA has also reinstated the short notice cancellation charge, which should deter learners from failing to show up for examinations, allowing other applicants to take their place.

The DVSA, on the other hand, confirmed in a letter to driving instructors that there had been a “significant rise” in demand.

According to the Department of Transportation, more people are considering driving because they are uncomfortable taking public transportation.

The CEO of Red Driving School, Ian McIntosh, has endorsed the latest announcement, claiming that it will help to reduce the backlog.

Many young people have been forced to wait “many weeks,” with some unable to schedule testing for up to four months, according to the report.

“The DVSA is proactively assisting to overcome the mounting backlog created by the epidemic by boosting the number of practical examinations examiners can take each day,” he said.

“This is fantastic news for trainee drivers who have had a difficult time finding suitable appointments.

“Some of our customers have had to wait several weeks for a test appointment.

“Last month, the DVSA reported that novice drivers would have to wait an average of 16 minutes.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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