BMW’s new color-changing technology can ‘improve vehicle efficiency.’


BMW’s new color-changing technology can ‘improve vehicle efficiency.’

As a result of new technology, BMW has stated that drivers will be able to change the color of their vehicles at the touch of a button.

A special body wrap for the all-electric Sports Activity vehicle, the BMW iX Flow, makes it possible.

They warn that the new ink will enable “new ways” to customize the vehicle’s appearance based on driving preferences.

BMW claims that drivers will be able to choose from a “wide color spectrum,” and that new variants will be added every year.

This will allow the company to “keep setting trends” in the field of vehicle exterior design.

The technology, according to Stella Clarke, Head of Project for the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink, will allow vehicles to express drivers’ “moods and circumstances.”

“This gives the driver the freedom to express different aspects of their personality, or even their enjoyment of change, outwardly, and to redefine this each time they sit into their car,” she explained.

“The vehicle then becomes an expression of various moods and circumstances in daily life, similar to fashion or status ads on social media channels.”

BMW also claims that the color change feature will improve the vehicle’s efficiency.

A white surface, according to BMW, reflects more heat and sunlight than a darker color.

By switching to a lighter color, the temperature in the car and passenger compartments could be reduced in the summer.

Switching to a darker skin tone, on the other hand, will allow the vehicle to absorb more heat from the sun.

Selective color changes can help reduce the amount of cooling and heating required from the vehicle in both cases.

This will reduce the amount of energy required by the vehicle’s electrical system while also lowering fuel consumption.

The changes, according to BMW Member of the Board of Management Frank Weber, are a way to bring the “real and virtual” worlds closer together.

He stated, “In the future, digital experiences will not be limited to displays.”

“The real and virtual worlds will become increasingly entwined.

“We’re bringing the body of the car to life with the BMW iX Flow.”

Because of the color changes, BMW claims the new technology will “provide a whole new level of decision-making in the future.”

The tool wraps a custom wrap around the vehicle with millions of paint capsules.

“The surface coating of the BMW “Brinkwire Summary News,” according to BMW.


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