Blockchain is redefining the treatment journey for cancer patients.


Blockchain is redefining the treatment journey for cancer patients.

(Photo: Blockchain is redefining the cancer patient’s treatment journey.)

Cancer is one of the most difficult diseases a person may encounter, posing both physical and mental challenges. For the vast majority of patients and their families, receiving a cancer diagnosis is extremely stressful and scary. To make matters worse, the number of cancer patients worldwide has surged nearly triple since 1971. Despite major improvements in general healthcare infrastructure over the last five decades, a cancer patient’s path appears to have remained relatively unchanged.

The difficulty stems from the disease’s inherent existence. Unlike other diseases, cancer is made up of hundreds of sub-diseases; the number of sub-diseases can range from 200 to 500, depending on the technique of assessment. Each one has a unique prognosis, symptoms, and treatment options. This makes cancer considerably more challenging to diagnose, treat, and cure. To defeat cancer, personalized, individually customized, and molecular biomarker-informed combination therapy of several modalities are required.

Data on cancer is now dispersed and stored in silos. Both patients and cancer researchers struggle to find correct information. According to multiple surveys, up to 70% of patients are unsatisfied with the information they receive throughout their cancer experience. A lot of the information given to patients is either ambiguous, deceptive, irrelevant, or comes from a pharmaceutical corporation with the goal of selling a medication that may or may not be suited for the patient. Patients need this prejudice and uncertainty removed as soon as possible so that they can properly analyze the facts and make decisions about their cancer journey. Furthermore, in order to make their initiatives more efficient, researchers require more than data from previously published experiments. They require Real World Data (RWD) in order to validate their findings and gain confidence in them. This is where OncoCoin, a Swiss firm, and its proprietary Curia application come in.

OncoCoin addresses these issues by democratizing access to credible cancer treatment information, clinical trials, and experts, as well as crowdsourcing RWD. This complex ecosystem comprises not only patients, but also their families and loved ones, cancer research initiatives, regulators, insurers, investors, pharma companies, and others who are involved in their cancer journey.

Furthermore, OncoCoin’s cancer ecosystem is enabled by blockchain technology, which permits. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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