Before the new EU speed limiters go live in July, drivers have been warned about their ‘limitations and risks.’


Before the new EU speed limiters go live in July, drivers have been warned about their ‘limitations and risks.’

The European Union’s mandated speed limiters, which are set to be installed on UK cars in July, could result in a slew of legal and safety issues.

With a new technology called Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), the new driving laws are expected to be implemented on new cars manufactured starting July 6, 2022.

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, the rules are expected to apply in the UK because most driving laws have been transferred for ease of manufacturing.

When a driver approaches the speed limit, the technology alerts them.

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has advocated for a system that reduces engine power once the legal speed limit is reached.

However, this was shelved due to widespread concerns about the dangers of reducing engine power at higher speeds.

Instead, an audio warning will be played before the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.

The Council has warned that the audio may be less effective at slowing cars down, and that some drivers may find it “annoying.”

Ben Pepper, an Associate Solicitor at Bolt Burdon Kemp, spoke about the impending implementation of speed limiters and the potential consequences for drivers.

“There is no denying that speed kills,” he said to This website.

“If mandatory ISA software is implemented, it could be a huge step forward in terms of road safety.”

“It has the potential to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries significantly.”

“However, there are limitations and risks, as with most forms of new technology.”

“It’s possible that the GPS or sign recognition symptoms will miss variable speed limits or temporary signs.”

“Signs, such as the 60mph signs on the backs of lorries, can also be detected incorrectly.”

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The European Parliament first approved the regulation in 2019 in an effort to improve road safety across the continent.

By July 7, 2024, all new cars that have already been released must be equipped with an ISA, according to the 20192044 regulation.

“Drivers of cars equipped with speed limiters may seek to claim that the software was to blame for their crash,” Mr Pepper continued.

“Any claims of this nature are false.

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