Before the Euro 2020 final, England fans can purchase customized football number plates.


Before the Euro 2020 final, England fans can purchase customized football number plates.

Fans of England can get a personalized number plate for their car ahead of Sunday’s Euro 2020 final versus Italy.

If England wins their first major trophy since 1966 this weekend, a customised design might be used to commemorate the occasion. As the team went through the competition, National Numbers experts claim they had a “lot of inquiries concerning England themed plates.”

The number plate specialists have three designs based in England that use letters and digits to form a nearly identical phrase.

“EN19 AND”, “EN69 AND”, and “EN69 LND” are all available for installation on automobiles.

To commemorate the tournament, David Edwards, Director of Operations at National Numbers, claimed he had temporarily transferred a new plate onto his own car.

Fans were anxious for a new keepsake, he said, and the new designs drew “a lot of interest.”

“I temporarily transferred EN69 LND on to my car as interest in the Euros began to build,” he told This website.

“It’s fair to say that when I’ve been out and about, I’ve received a lot of attention and comments.”

“We’ve also got a lot of inquiries for the England plates we have in store on social media and over the phone.”

“As we’ve seen in previous auctions, these types of plates have sold for a lot of money, even when there isn’t a cup final on the line.

“At the prices we’ve listed, we expect them to sell quickly as the anticipation grows.”

The England plates have been “extremely popular” in previous tournaments, according to National Numbers.

The design “EN61 AND” was auctioned off in 2012 for a whopping £12,000.

If England wins the World Cup, the designs will be expected to have a high market value.

Wear England’s official football kit to help them bring home the trophy in this year’s Euros.

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Other football-inspired designs include “EU21 OPE” for those who just wish to commemorate the summer’s major football festival.

Even though Scotland did not qualify for the knockout stages, fans may still commemorate their trip at Euro 2020 with a “SC70 LND” license plate.

According to the DVLA, each motorist receives approximately 400,000 personalised registrations. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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