Before going on a vacay, drivers should perform “basic maintenance inspections.”


Before going on a vacay, drivers should perform “basic maintenance inspections.”

Before setting out on staycation vacations this summer, drivers are being asked to perform “basic maintenance checks” on their vehicles.

GEM CEO Neil Worth cautions that drivers “cannot forecast” when their vehicle would break down.

They did say, however, that by following a variety of safeguards, road users may “minimize” the danger of something going wrong.

“No one wants to start their vacation by being stopped on the side of the road for hours,” Mr Worth added.

“That is why, before heading out on a well-deserved summer vacation, we encourage drivers to perform some basic vehicle maintenance checks.

“Of course, we can’t forecast when our car will break down.

“However, by paying attention to a few fundamentals, we can reduce the chances of things going wrong.

“That’s great news for anyone looking for a stress-free road trip.”

GEM has issued a warning to drivers to check their tire pressures before embarking on a journey.

They claimed that road users needed to make adjustments to account for increased loads.

The minimum tread depth over the centre three-quarters of the tyre, however, is 1.6mm, and this is a rule that must be followed.

Before embarking on long journeys, drivers should determine where they will recharge or refuel, according to GEM experts.

Drivers can verify this online or factor in a refueling stop as a driving break.

Thousands of cars are stranded on the side of the road each year because they failed to take precautions and ran out of gas.

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However, if drivers are stuck in stop-and-go traffic, the summer strain on a vehicle’s electrical supply might be “significantly enhanced.”

“A visit to your local service center can put your mind at ease when it comes to battery health,” GEM Motoring Assist noted.

“If it has to be replaced, you’ll want to get it done before it fails you.”

Many problems might be avoided, according to GEM, by doing basic and quick car fluid checks.

Drivers should consult their owner’s handbook to learn about the various checks that may be performed and how to perform them.

Drivers should also check their windshield washer bottle to ensure it is fully charged.


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