Because there are “too many automobiles,” new car tax measures are “nearing completion” in major UK cities.


Because there are “too many automobiles,” new car tax measures are “nearing completion” in major UK cities.

NEW CAR TAX CHANGES in a major UK city are “nearing completion” due to “too many automobiles on the road.”

Fees for Clean Air Zones are being discussed in Sheffield, although no timetable has been set for their implementation. Last September, a scheme was considered, but it was put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The city council announced in March that the initiatives were nearing completion, although no final date has been set.

Despite somewhat lower emissions, Sheffield City Councillor Douglas Johnson said the city was still required to introduce a pricing zone.

He claimed that there were still “issues” with too many vehicles on the road, particularly with automobiles idling.

“As things stand, we still have to take efforts to construct a CAZ pricing zone,” he stated.

“As a result, we’re examining exactly what steps need to be made.

“Air quality continues to improve, partially as a result of newer vehicles being cleaner, but also as a result of previous efforts made by the council.

“Examples include the recent electric van trials, new EV charging stations, traffic reduction and programs such as Grey to Green, anti-idling initiatives, and school streets.

“However, in the city center, there are still too many cars.

“Idling buses and taxis are still a concern for us.”

Mr Johnson did add, though, that the council wants to “protect” firms that rely on travel.

Sheffield City Council has previously stated that the new zone will not be profitable.

The new tax is intended to cover the inner ring road as well as the city center.

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Park Square and the A61 Parkway Junction are included.

Private vehicles will not be charged when the system is implemented, according to Sheffield City Council.

According to the report, private vehicles account for 80% of road traffic but just 50% of total pollution.

Buses, heavy commercial vehicles, and taxis, on the other hand, account for half of all emissions although accounting for only 20% of total traffic.


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