Because of the risk of car theft, drivers are advised to avoid clearing windscreen frost with this method.


Because of the risk of car theft, drivers are advised to avoid clearing windscreen frost with this method.

As the temperature continues to drop, drivers are advised not to leave their car unattended when clearing frost from their windscreen.

With the onset of winter weather, motorists across the country have been dealing with frost on their windscreens for weeks.

However, drivers should be aware of the risk of car theft when going out to prepare their vehicle for a trip.

When drivers go inside, they frequently leave their car running for a few minutes to defrost.

If the car hasn’t been used in a while, this may also be done to prevent the engine from seizing.

This is when opportunistic thieves may enter and drive away, a technique known as “frost-jacking.”

Director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts Keith Hawes advised drivers to be cautious when removing frost from their vehicles.

“With everything going on right now, motorists may not be thinking about the security of their vehicles,” he said.

“Just because a lot of us will be working from home and a lot of households will be isolating doesn’t mean car thieves will be staying at home as well.”

“People are having a hard time right now, and the last thing they need is their car being stolen on top of everything else.”

“While it’s impossible to completely eliminate car theft, you can make it as difficult as possible for thieves to gain access.

“You can reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring to your vehicle by taking some extra simple precautions.”

This type of theft is also likely to invalidate your car insurance policy because it is considered an at-fault claim by insurers.

The drivers were found to have been negligent in protecting their vehicle because the car was left open.

This could result in coverage being revoked or insurance premiums skyrocketing.

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Drivers should be aware of where they park their vehicle, according to the experts at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

The safest place to park a car is in a private garage, which accounts for only 7% of all thefts.

Many people, however, will not be able to do so, so they should try to leave their vehicle inside.

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