At an online auction, a classic Ferrari F40 sells for more than £1 million.


At an online auction, a classic Ferrari F40 sells for more than £1 million.

In an internet auction record, a RARE blue Ferrari F40 was sold for more than £1 million.

The historic car set a new European record when it was auctioned for £1,000,500 by UK online auction site The Market. Between 1987 and 1992, just 1,311 Ferrari F40s were produced, all of which were painted in Rosso Ferrari red.

A classic Ferrari red and black interior complements the unique blue exterior.

The supercar even has a classic license plate: “F40 BLU.”

The price at introduction was £163,000, but because to high demand for the limited production, F40s were soon selling for considerably more.

Speculators began to “flip” the classic supercars, just like they do now with the more premium models from the big marques.

After being purchased by renowned tuners Liberty Walk, the car was moved to Japan in 2004.

It was painted white and adapted to LeMans specifications in 2010.

Joe Macari Performance Cars, based in London, bought the car four years later, and it was subsequently sold.

Sam Moores, a podcaster, Youtuber, and photographer, was the former owner and put up an Instagram account for the automobile, which has over 4,000 followers.

He purchased the F40 with the idea of dismantling it and rebuilding it to factory specs.

The Aqua Blue Metallic paint is an official Porsche color that can be found on their 911 supercars.

Because the car was designed to be a conventional road car, the inside is more akin to that of a race car.

There are no door trimmings, door handles, audio, carpets, or even a glovebox, but it does come with a memory stick with automotive photos.

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The car had only roughly 16,000 miles on the clock when it was put up for sale, and had had traveled fewer than 1,000 miles in the previous six years.

The F40 was expected to sell for between £725,000 and £900,000, according to the market.

They called the automobile “wonderful” and “unique,” but said that it was “not as scary or as wild a ride as you might anticipate.”

“Brinkwire Summary News.” While this F40 and all of the others built in between.


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