As the incidence of incidents ‘spikes,’ electric scooters pose ‘increased risks’ for drivers.


As the incidence of incidents ‘spikes,’ electric scooters pose ‘increased risks’ for drivers.

After a “spike” in the frequency of accidents on the road, electric scooters offer a “increased risk” for all road users.

Electric scooter accidents are expected to climb in the coming years as more devices are used on UK roads, according to experts. However, they warn that when rates rise, there is a “clear trend” in the number of incidents reported.

According to Admiral, there have been 52 reported e-scooter accidents to date.

Admiral warns that while this may not seem like a lot, it is a significant increase from last year’s total of 13.

As demand for e-scooters grew, Admiral’s Deputy Head of Claims Adam Gavin advised drivers to “knowledge the present restrictions for e-scooters.”

They cautioned that if drivers misuse their e-scooter, they could risk penalties, points, or even having their e-scooter taken.

“As the world of transportation evolves, it’s critical that all road users understand the existing laws for using e-scooters to prevent expensive fines, penalty points, or having the device seized,” he stated.

“At the moment, everyone who owns a private e-scooter is prohibited from riding on public roads, pavements, or cycle lanes. Riders may be fined on the spot if they are discovered doing so, as it is unlawful.

“These scooters have a peak speed limit of 15 miles per hour, and riders must only use them on the road and in bike lanes or face a fixed penalty notice.”

Up until July 2017, only two e-scooter accidents were reported, according to Admiral.

However, as more people purchased e-scooters as a mode of transportation, this has gradually increased.

Between July and September 2020, there were a whopping 25 instances, up over 600% from the previous three months.

There have been 30 e-scooter collisions reported between April and June 2021.

Mr Gavin, on the other hand, believes that this is merely the “tip of the iceberg,” with actual features being much higher than those recorded.

“There have been multiple media headlines concerning E-scooter riders being engaged in accidents with both automobiles and pedestrians, and we have certainly seen more cases reported to us this year,” he said.

“We feel this is only the tip of the iceberg because many cases go unreported, and as more people use E-scooters and roads become busier, the number of.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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