As the full-fibre rollout reaches a new milestone, tens of thousands of people will benefit from a fix for poor download rates.


As the full-fibre rollout reaches a new milestone, tens of thousands of people will benefit from a fix for poor download rates.

Trooli, a BT BROADBAND competitor, has revealed that 100,000 homes have been linked to their super-fast download speeds, which has solved sluggish loading times.

Trooli, a provider of future-proofed full-fibre broadband, has hit another key milestone in its development. The internet service provider, which is competing with BT and Virgin Media, has now linked 100,000 homes and businesses in the United Kingdom. Parts of Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and East Sussex are particularly rich in these relationships.

Trooli claims it is on course to link a further 30,000 locations in the next three months now that the newest milestone has been achieved. The internet provider aims to have 170,000 locations under its belt by the end of the year, with 400,000 by December 2022 and one million by 2024.

A portion of the extension will encompass new connections in Suffolk, as well as additional residences in Berkshire, East Sussex, and Kent.

Trooli is a company that specializes on full-fibre connections. These next-generation cables can give rates of up to 1 Gigabit per second. That’s 1,000 megabits per second. In comparison, the average broadband speed in the UK was 71Mbps earlier this year.

While 1,000Mbps is definitely a bit much for most folks at the moment. To avoid seeing the dreaded buffering symbol, busy households with multiple people working from home, making video conference calls, streaming films and shows in Ultra HD quality, streaming music, downloading device updates, backing up data to the cloud… will require much more than the UK average speed.

The download rates required in the ordinary home will only increase as upcoming technologies such as Virtual Reality and 8K video quality become more widespread.

The added load will be handled by full-fibre connections. However, connections that use old copper cables, which are significantly more limited and susceptible to bad weather, will be unable to meet that demand.

“I am thrilled that we are continuing our pattern of exceeding our homes passed target,” said Andy Conibere, Trooli’s Chief Executive Officer. And we’re doing it while solidifying our position as the premier independent full-fibre provider in rural Kent and expanding our footprint across the South. These latest additions bring us to over 14,500 homes and businesses in Wraysbury and Ascot, Berkshire, and Lewes and Heathfield, East Sussex.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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