As Sadiq Khan claims a huge legal victory, low-traffic neighborhoods could spread across the United Kingdom.


As Sadiq Khan claims a huge legal victory, low-traffic neighborhoods could spread across the United Kingdom.

IN PARTS OF LONDON, LOW TRAFFIC NEIGHBORHOODS are having a “enormous” impact on families, as diverted traffic blocks numerous residential areas.

And they may now spread farther across the United Kingdom after London Mayor Sadiq Khan won a major legal victory for devices that prohibit cars from certain locations to allow for more safe walking and cycling, especially in the aftermath of the Covid outbreak.

After a judge in January rejected orders for pro-cycling LTNs, stating they were “not a sensible solution to the concerns that occurred as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak,” the Court of Appeal ruled in their favor.

Instead of traffic closures, Mrs Justice Lang suggested that pavements be “widened” if there were concerns about social separation.

However, the Court of Appeal reversed this decision, and experts now believe that a new wave of LTNs, of which there are presently 200 in the UK, will emerge.

Mr Khan remarked following the verdict, “This Court of Appeal judgement is a vindication of our policy.” Our world-leading Streetspace programs are helping to preserve Londoners’ health, and this decision reaffirms my commitment to making walking and cycling safer and easier for Londoners, as well as ensuring a green and sustainable recovery from the pandemic.”

“I hope councils will cooperate with me to achieve a green recovery across our city, delivering policies that address the air quality and climate change crises,” he continued.

In London, the LTNs have ignited a heated controversy.

Andrew Willett, a London homeowner, told the Islington Gazette that “practically all remaining and redirected traffic” is now being pushed down his street, causing chaos for residents. People on his block, he added, were “suffering the LTN dream’s downside” while others benefited.

Surprisingly, pro-LTN campaigners have refuted Mr Willett’s allegations of a problem, claiming the traffic concerns are “fabricated up.”

“I’m sure it’s wonderful for some folks to have no more traffic on their front and to be able to let their children play and cycle in the street,” he said.

“Unfortunately, my child and I reside on Blackstock Road, which now receives almost all of the remaining and redirected traffic.

“This has a huge influence on my family.

“It appears that there is no interest in any action taken on behalf of residents in my predicament.

“Pro-LTN campaigners have told me that these issues exist.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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