As of today, millions of BT customers will have access to a new affordable broadband service.


As of today, millions of BT customers will have access to a new affordable broadband service.

BT HAS NOW RELEASED THEIR NEW HOME ESSENTIALS PLAN, which provides internet connection for just £15 per month. Here’s everything you need to know about applying.

BT is making internet connectivity more affordable for millions of its users. The company’s new Home Essentials Broadband plan is available starting today, and it costs just £15 per month for anyone on Universal Credit or Pension Credit to access online. In addition to being far less expensive than BT’s conventional tariffs, users just have to sign up for 12 months rather than the customary 18 months, and there are no early termination costs.

The £15 package provides download rates of roughly 67Mbps, allowing a full HD movie to be streamed to a TV in just 12 minutes. In comparison, the same speeds without Home Essentials will cost roughly £28 per month, so this is a good deal from the ISP.

Users must simply enter their postcode, choose a package, and then check their eligibility using their National Insurance number, according to BT.

They will pay the discounted amount once they have been accepted. BT will conduct another eligibility check after 12 months. If a consumer qualifies for another year, the company retains them on the same plan.

Home Essentials broadband comes with assured speeds, the latest Wi-Fi hub, limitless downloads, and increased security, in addition to those 67Mbps downloads.

“Fast, reliable access has never been more crucial as it is today, with millions of people relying on our networks to get back on their feet following the pandemic,” said Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer division, in a statement regarding the new plans.

“Because we want to support as many people as possible, we’ll be launching BT Home Essentials at the end of June, expanding the eligibility of our social tariff to cover all customers on Universal Credit.

“BT Home Essentials will be half the price of our basic fibre bundle, allowing up to four million low-income homes to save money on their bills while staying connected to essential online services.”

It’s important to note that BT isn’t the only company offering low-cost broadband.

Virgin’s Essential broadband is also accessible to Universal Credit recipients, who can apply for the cheaper subscription on Virgin’s website.

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