As interest in electric cars grows in cities, ‘inequalities’ must be addressed.


As interest in electric cars grows in cities, ‘inequalities’ must be addressed.

ELECTRIC CAR “inequalities” must be addressed by the government, according to experts, with many places suffering “major obstacles.”

Close Brothers Motor Finance’s Managing Director, Seán Kemple, cautioned that the UK will not be able to fulfill its “ambitious” aim without extra help. If the implementation is to be effective, experts warn that “millions” of charging bays would be required, particularly outside of big metropolitan centers.

He goes on to say that this would provide the “incentive” that drivers require to transition to electric vehicles.

“The UK car industry is at a critical juncture in its electrification journey,” he said.

“However, without the amount and quality of infrastructure required to enable the transformation, the UK would be unable to reach its lofty goals.

“Millions more charging outlets are needed, as the SMMT cautions today, or drivers will not have the means or the desire to switch to an electric vehicle.

“And, with regional areas having substantial issues with charging networks as larger cities sprint ahead, the government must address disparities that jeopardize the transition’s viability.

“If the UK is to genuinely embrace the green revolution, prioritizing the building of high-quality, durable infrastructure is absolutely essential.”

According to the Britain under the Bonnet research by Close Brother Motor Finance, three-quarters of drivers would consider buying an alternatively powered vehicle as their next vehicle.

With 89 percent of drivers in the capital considering switching models, London is leading the spike in demand.

In more remote locations, such as Wales and Northern Ireland, this figure is only 67 percent, with experts speculating that a lack of charging is to reason.

The survey indicated that upfront expenses remained the most significant obstacle to adoption, but that worries about range and change were still prevalent.

Electric cars’ driving range is seen “too limited” by 44 percent of respondents, while charging time is deemed “too long” by 29 percent.

A third of those polled indicated they wouldn’t know where to charge their electric automobiles if they bought one.

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By the end of the decade, the SMMT wants at least 2.3 million charging stations installed across the country.

This will provide drivers the assurance they need to consider the new technology.x

The SMMT has also lobbied the government to assist in attracting battery manufacturing companies to the United Kingdom.

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