As gold is “associated to self-obsessed people,” your iPhone color tells a lot about you.


As gold is “associated to self-obsessed people,” your iPhone color tells a lot about you.

THE IPHONE 13 series comes in nine different colors, but before you choose your favorite, have a look at this new research.

Fonehouse, a smartphone reseller, spoke with color expert Matthew Reacher on what your iPhone color choice reveals about you.

In the iPhone 13 series, Apple debuted its first baby pink iPhone.

It’s already proven popular, and Reacher believes that those who buy it are “extremely in-tune with their femininity.”

He went on to say: “The decision is most likely a reflection of their caring, affectionate, and nurturing nature.

“They’re also more likely to be outgoing, gregarious, and interested in people and relationships.”

Those who choose for a gold iPhone received less praise from the color expert.

He stated, ” “Gold is a color associated with riches, prosperity, and high status, implying that the person wearing it wishes to be perceived in that light.

“They are more likely to have an outward extroverted emphasis, and they are concerned about how others see them.

“Others’ opinions are most likely a big motivator for them. They’re probably competitive and want to advance up the social ladder.” Many people have black cellphones, which, according to Reacher, might represent a variety of things.

He elaborated: “Extroverts may select it because of the connections of status, power, and possibly professionalism. Introverts are likely to regard it as a non-attention seeking decision, whereas extroverts may choose it because of the associations of status, power, and probably professionalism.

“Black also looks beautiful, so it might be an aesthetic choice, and someone who respects art and creativity is inclined to wear it.”

He was less favorable about red iPhones, claiming that those who chose the color are “socially confident extroverts who often seek to be the center of attention.”

Another popular color option is blue, which is available on the iPhone 13 in a warm blue or the iPhone 13 Pro in Sierra Blue.

Reacher stated, ” “Blue is likely to be the favorite color of individuals who choose a blue iPhone, owing to its calming effects.

“They want for the peace and tranquility that only the ocean or a bright blue sky can provide. It could also indicate a yearning for independence, self-expression, or even creativity. Their motivations are more likely to be introverted and inner-directed in general.” Those who choose silver or graphite phones, according to the expert, are similar in that they may have “a significant interest in their aesthetic and style and are likely to be inner-directed.” That leaves the white iPhone 13 series, often known as the ‘Starlight’ color.

Reacher also linked this to persons who enjoy being the center of attention.

He stated, ” “”A white iPhone is more likely to be associated with an extrovert, as it… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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