As drivers demand that bicycles pay road tax and insurance, a Jeremy Vine video ignites outrage.


As drivers demand that bicycles pay road tax and insurance, a Jeremy Vine video ignites outrage.

ANGRY social media users reacted angrily to Jeremy Vine’s footage of bikers riding four abreast, with some demanding that they pay road tax.

Jeremy Vine, a broadcaster, shared a 32-second video showing a group of bikers cycling four abreast across a lane while he followed in his car. “Absolutely no problem with this at all, this is precisely how bicycles should ride,” he says in the video.

“They’re calming traffic behind them, and we won’t overtake unless we have a lot of room.

“We can find a freeway if we want to travel at 70 miles per hour.

“This is perfectly OK.

“There’s no need for us to go much faster than this, and we wish them luck.”

Vine, who is an avid cyclist, captioned the photo with the message that cyclists should be encouraged to ride two, three, and four abreast.

It calms the traffic behind them, makes it more difficult for bad drivers to attempt unsafe passes, and makes it more enjoyable and friendly for the cyclists themselves, according to him.

Over 6,600 people responded on social media, accusing the cyclists of “self-entitlement” and “blocking the road.”

Many social media users also suggested that if they wanted to ride like that, they should pay road tax or something similar to vehicle tax.

“Perhaps they should start paying road tax and insurance as we do to use the roads,” one person said.

“It clearly does not ‘calm traffic behind them,’ it merely enrages drivers and makes them more likely to attempt a reckless overtake,” another Twitter user stated.

“Cyclists should be considerate of other road users who (unlike them) pay a fee to use the roads and stay to the side of the road.”

“Roads are paid for by income tax,” a Twitter user said.

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“Cars pay a vehicle excise charge based on emissions, and none of the money collected goes towards roads.

“In addition, most cyclists also own cars and pay the same ‘road tax.’

“Paying more taxes does not entitle you to more benefits.”

Jeremy Vine himself tweeted that he would be there. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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