As businesses prohibit patriotic acts, England flag driving laws are deemed “health and safety nonsense.”


As businesses prohibit patriotic acts, England flag driving laws are deemed “health and safety nonsense.”

The restrictions governing the flying of England flags during the Euro 2020 football competition have been slammed as “health and safety rubbish.”

As corporations begin to prohibit the patriotic deed, TV anchor Aggie Mackenzie said she doesn’t understand how flying a flag on a car would “threaten health and safety.” She made the remarks on GB News, which was highlighting the issue as businesses tighten down on flag wavers.

It comes after the Royal Mail, which employs 100,000 people, prohibited its employees from displaying flags during the tournament.

This was due to a policy prohibiting drivers from attaching goods to their vehicles, according to Royal Mail.

This is in case the flag falls loose from the car and creates a hazard to other drivers.

“It’s such a simple thing to say, ‘health and safety,’” Ms Mackenzie told GB News.

Accidents, penalties, and points are a major threat to four million divers.

“This health and safety crap drives me insane because people say it before they even think about it.

“What is going to happen?” says the narrator.

People typically sue if anything goes wrong, according to Michelle Dewberry, even though they are critical of health and safety.

She warned that this has caused businesses to become “desperate” to ensure that everything is perfect and that nothing goes wrong.

“I think it’s pretty good to celebrate if we want to,” Ms Dewberry added.

“I do as well,” Ms Mackenzie said. After last year’s disaster, it’s time to come out of the woods and rejoice, and to be a little less serious about these things.

“It’s a bit of a laugh, isn’t it? It also serves as a connection and unifier.

“I believe that showing your support for England and showing it to others is a terrific way to bring people together.

“I don’t understand why having stickers on the sides of vans would endanger people’s health and safety.”

“Well, they would say, ‘What happens if it slips off?’” Ms Dewberry remarked.

Motoring experts previously cautioned that driving with an England flag on their car during the tournament might result in a £1,000 punishment.

Large flags, on the other hand, may impede a driver’s eyesight, making it difficult for them to spot road hazards.

“Showing your support with a flag, scarf, or mascot won’t be a problem for most,” said Graham Conway, general manager of Select car leasing.

“However, it’s critical to ensure that the driver’s eyesight is never obstructed by.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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