Are you one of the two million people eligible to get a Google payment? Don’t get too worked up.


Are you one of the two million people eligible to get a Google payment? Don’t get too worked up.

After settling a class action lawsuit in the United States, Google is paying nearly two million people. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones who gets a windfall… It’s not worth it to rejoice too soon.

After it was discovered that Google had exposed the private data of more than 50 million users, a class action lawsuit was filed against the company. Users of the now-defunct Google+ social network were affected by the data theft. The class action lawsuit was first filed in 2018, and the matter was finally settled last year.

We learned this week that Google has agreed to pay $7.5 million to people who filed the lawsuit. That’s a substantial sum of money. However, if you’re one of the Google+ users who’s been affected and think you’ve just hit the jackpot… We regret to inform you that we have some bad news for you.

The roughly 1.72 million persons who signed up to be part of the class action lawsuit will receive only $2.15 in compensation. That works out to £1.52 at the current currency rate, which is enough to get a McDonald’s value meal…or one of Starbucks’ cheapest drinks.

According to ArsTechnica, over half of the money was spent on legal fees. According to initial estimates, the lawsuit could have resulted in a compensation of $12 for each Google+ member who joined up.

This figure, however, was predicated on only 450,000 people filing a class action lawsuit. The money will be sent to those who are eligible via PayPal or a digital check. has all the specifics on the lawsuit.

“From June 2011 until April 2019, Google ran the Google+ social networking platform for consumers,” according to the website. Google disclosed in 2018 that between 2015 and 2018, the Google+ platform had software faults that allowed app developers to access certain Google+ profile field information in an unintended manner.

“Plaintiffs Matthew Matic, Zak Harris, Charles Olson, and Eileen M. Pinkowski brought this case on behalf of a putative class of Google+ users who were allegedly damaged by the software faults (“Class”), asserting different legal claims. “Brinkwire Summary News”: Google disputes the Plaintiffs’ accusations, denies any wrongdoing or culpability, and believes that no Class Members, including the Plaintiffs, have suffered any losses or injuries.


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