Are you fed up with the BBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics? Every medal may be viewed for free on Sky Q.


Are you fed up with the BBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics? Every medal may be viewed for free on Sky Q.

IF YOU’RE DISSATISFIED WITH THE BBC’S LACK OF COVERAGE OF THE TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS GAMES, Sky Q members may use a simple method to unlock every discipline and medal from Japan at no extra cost.

If you’ve been watching the BBC coverage of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, you’ve definitely noticed a lack of coverage of your favorite sport. Those who watched the Olympic Games on the BBC during London 2012 and Rio 2016 will be familiar with dozens of internet streams featuring live coverage of nearly every discipline. That isn’t the case with Tokyo 2020, and fans aren’t happy about it.

The BBC believes that it will still be able to broadcast the Olympics’ “must-see moments,” which will also be available on its radio stations. The broadcaster, which is supported by the license fee, is now limited to two live events at a time. This has resulted in some embarrassing gaffes, such as the BBC Sport account on Twitter spreading news that Bradly Sinden, who went on to win a silver medal in taekwondo, had advanced to the final…before the footage from the semi-final bout had aired on BBC One.

“I know we’ve grown accustomed to being able to view every event – on numerous streams – during the Olympics, but this time, the BBC is only allowed to show two sports at the same time,” BBC anchor Dan Walker said. It is a matter of television rights, not an editorial decision.”

Yes, Discovery bought the European-wide rights to the Olympics for £920 million in 2016. This is why the Beeb’s Olympics coverage is so limited. The agreement was reached in 2015 between the International Olympic Committee and the American television behemoth Discovery. It covers “all TV and multi-platform broadcast rights in Europe” for the four Olympic Games scheduled for 2018-2024.

If you’re a Sky Q subscriber, however, you won’t be left out. What’s more, you won’t have to pay anything.

Customers with Sky Q can get a year of Discovery+ for free. For those unfamiliar, Discovery’s new Netflix competitor offers live channels as well as on-demand boxsets of some of its most popular programming, such as World’s Greatest Cars, 90 Day Fiancé, and Say Yes.


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