Apple’s iPhone 13 could have a lot of wonderful features but a lot of negative costs.


Apple’s iPhone 13 could have a lot of wonderful features but a lot of negative costs.

APPLE’S NEXT DEVICE is expected to be jam-packed with improvements, but the global processor scarcity may force the company to raise prices even higher for the iPhone 13.

The much-anticipated iPhone 13 is set to debut in October, with a number of enhancements including a quicker processor and a faster display. That’s fantastic news for aficionados of these products, but there are already indications that Apple will struggle to meet demand. Foxconn, the company’s main Chinese manufacturer, is planning to hire hundreds of thousands of additional workers over the next month in order to meet demand for the handsets. Local media reports, however, that it has been difficult to get enough staff through the factory doors on time.

The global shortage of chips – the processors that power cellphones, computers, and even automobiles – is exacerbating the crisis, as businesses struggle to secure adequate stock. Apple’s top chip supplier, TSMC, is expected to raise costs by up to 20% starting in January 2022.

Apple has already stated that this could have an impact on supply this winter. “We expect supply restrictions for the September quarter to be greater than what we encountered during the June quarter,” said Luca Maestri, the company’s finance head. The iPhone and iPad will be the most affected.”

What does this mean for Apple enthusiasts in the United Kingdom? Unfortunately, it appears that the tech giant will increase the price of its luxury phones once more.

According to DigiTimes, Apple is considering raising the price of the iPhone 13 to compensate for the more labor and more expensive components.

With the iPhone 12 series already being prohibitively expensive (the most expensive model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, costs £1,099), this is unpleasant news for those expecting to upgrade this year. Prices could climb by 3-5 percent, implying that the most expensive models could increase by more than £50.

And it’s possible that’s not all. With the iPhone 13 rumored to come with a slew of major upgrades, including top-of-the-line cameras, a 120Hz display, larger batteries, 5G support, and even quicker charging, Apple may feel justified in raising prices even higher.

In preparation for its next product launches, which include a new iPad mini, the business has already ordered over 100 million chips. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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