Apple’s HomePod mini smart speaker has gotten a colorful makeover.


Apple’s HomePod mini smart speaker has been given a colorful makeover.

APPLE’S refreshed HomePod Mini smart speaker is now available in Orange, Yellow, and Blue.

Apple’s HomePod mini is back, and it’s got a new look.

This clever smart speaker, which was first announced in October at Apple’s MacBook launch event, is now available in a variety of fruity new colors, including Yellow, Orange, and Blue.

These new colors join the original Space Grey and White as the only options when the device was first released last year.

The Orange HomePod mini was delivered to this website ahead of its launch, and it certainly adds some color and vibrancy to this smart speaker, with Apple even matching the cable and touch buttons on the top.

The mini, like the original, is simple to set up, requiring users to simply plug it in and keep their iPhone nearby.

Without pressing a single button, the pairing process connects the speaker to your home Wi-Fi and logs you into your Apple accounts.

Once everything is up and running, the sound produced by such a small speaker is quite impressive.

There’s little distortion even at maximum volume, and we’re impressed by how well this speaker sounds in comparison to larger devices.

This, according to Apple, is thanks to a clever acoustic waveguide that channels sound down and out the bottom of the HomePod mini to provide a consistent 360-degree experience.

Apple has also included its smart S5 chip, which can monitor what’s playing on the device and adjust the sound accordingly.

If the sound isn’t quite enough, you can pair two HomePod mini speakers together to listen in stereo for more room-filling sound. Pairing two HomePod minis together is just as simple as setting them up.

If your television is sounding a little flat, the HomePod mini can connect to an Apple TV set-top box to give it a boost, and it’s a great way to get more use out of these devices.

Naturally, since this is a smart speaker, how does it perform when you ask Siri for assistance?

Apple’s personal assistant is now capable of answering questions, setting alarms, creating shopping lists, and reminding you of your daily obligations.

There’s also the possibility.

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