Apple Patent Could Lead to New Glass-Encased Products | iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac Pro


Apple Patent Could Lead to New Glass-Encased Products | iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac Pro

(Photo courtesy of Unsplash user Arthur Mazi) Apple Patent Could Lead to New Glass-Encased Products | iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac Pro Apple products with a glass enclosure could be on the way, according to a newly unearthed Apple patent. An all-glass case for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and the octagon prism-shaped Mac Pro was described in the latest patent.

‘Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure’ is the subject of a new Apple patent.

Patently Apple, a publication that has covered other key Apple patents, was the first to notice the patent. The latest patent, titled “Electronic device with glass enclosure,” focuses on Apple’s exclusive electronic devices with glass enclosures, which include everything from the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

The most recent Apple innovation encases specific electrical items, which now appear to include an iPhone, in a six-sided glass cage. According to 9to5Mac, the abstract breaks down a number of general words.

The ‘Glass Box’ has been granted a patent.

Apple has successfully patented a “glass box,” as previously mentioned. According to FrontPageTech, the patent outlines an electronic device having a six-sided glass enclosure that forms an internal volume with a first glass member and another glass member.

The first glass member refers to a portion of the principal sides of the patented six-sided glass enclosure, comprising a portion of the peripheral side with its “first thickness” and another region with a “second thickness” placed at the peripheral side. The electrical item also has a touchscreen display and a volume control on the inside. According to Apple’s abstract, it is located close to at least a piece of the six-sided glass enclosure.

Other Features InventedPatently Invented According to Apple, the smartphone could be equipped with a force-sensing sensor. Although physical differences in the surface can assist distinguish and differentiate functionally different portions of the device, an enclosure with several glass sides could help erase or blend these differences across the device’s many surfaces.

Apple’s patent also addresses the robustness of future glass, claiming that a wide range of electronic devices could be subjected to drops, impacts, and other potentially destructive events. Enclosures can also be designed with varying thickness walls to boost durability, strength, crack resistance, and other physical attributes, according to Apple’s patent.

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