Apple Fitness(plus) gets a heart-racing update with more ways to keep you fit and healthy.


Apple Fitness(plus) gets a heart-pumping update with new ways to keep you fit and healthy.

APPLE FITNESS(plus) recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and now the subscription service is getting one of its most significant updates since its launch last year – here’s what’s new.

Apple’s Fitness(plus) subscribers are about to get one of the most significant updates since the service’s launch.

This major update, which goes live on Monday, adds new ways to get in shape, more support for meeting New Year’s resolutions, and more celebrities to the Time to Walk feature.

A new feature called “Time to Run” is perhaps the most significant addition to this update.

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Since its inception, Fitness(plus) has provided video treadmill training sessions, but there has never been a way to assist those who prefer to jog around the park or on the road.

That’s all changing now that the Apple Watch and AirPods can be used to motivate you while running outside.

Each episode includes coaching tips from one of the current Fitness(plus) trainers as well as new and renowned running coach Cory Wharton-Malcolm, which can be downloaded before your run.

There’s music to keep you going, as well as tips on how to improve your pace and become a more consistent runner.

Each run is also accompanied by a route and music from various parts of the world, making things a little more interesting.

For example, the Miami Beach playlist includes Latin music inspired by the city’s vibrant sights and sounds.

During Time to Run, users will also receive photos of notable sights along their route taken by the Fitness(plus) trainer.

Time to Run will debut with three episodes: London, coached by Cory Wharton-Malcolm, Brooklyn, coached by Emily Fayette, and Miami Beach, coached by Sam Sanchez, according to Apple.

Every Monday, a new episode of Time to Run will be released.

So that’s one new feature, but there are a lot more in this update, including a feature called Collections.

These include a 30-Day Core Challenge, Improve Your Posture with Pilates, Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses, and Run Your First 5K.

A will be included in the collections.

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