Anthem Replace Fixes Unintended Loot Buff, A lot To Gamers’ Annoyance [Update]

Briefly, a bug in Anthem caused players to earn above average amounts of Masterwork and Legendary items. However, much to players’ chagrin, the loot buff was quickly rectified with a rather large update, Patch 1.0.3. [Update: BioWare has released another update for Anthem’s loot system. This one adjust the drop rate of Masterwork and Legendary items.]

According to Kotaku, when the bug was first discovered, players went to Reddit to ask BioWare to keep the changes in the game. The bug might have stuck around for a bit longer too, but Patch 1.0.3–which was originally scheduled to go live March 9–surprisingly went up a day early. “We’re dropping the new [Anthem] patch ahead of schedule so you can all benefit from the updates and fixes, including improved stability on all platforms,” EA said in a tweet. And unfortunately for those who were enjoying the increased drop rate for Masterwork and Legendary items, the update just happened to patch the bug as well.

Patch 1.0.3 was not created to address the bug, though, and actually fixes many notable problems in Anthem. The update removes respawn restrictions in the game, allowing you to return to the fight in Critical Path, Agents, and non-end game missions after 10 seconds, and to Legendary contracts and other end game missions after 30 seconds. Common and Uncommon items drops also no longer appear for players who are level 30. Audio improvements have been implemented as well, which should fix instances where the game’s audio randomly cuts out completely. Patch 1.0.3 improves stability across all platforms too–designed to address any possible console crashing issues like the one that was plaguing PS4.

Neither BioWare nor EA have followed up on whether the loot drop rate will again be increased to the same level as it was on March 8. The full patch notes for Anthem’s most recent update can be found on EA’s website. The highlights are outlined below.