Android security alert: Popular banking apps are being targeted by a new ‘harmful’ threat; don’t ignore it.


Android security alert: Popular banking apps are being targeted by a new ‘harmful’ threat; don’t ignore it.

Users of Android phones and tablets are being cautioned about a new kind of malware that has the potential to do “great damage” to their devices.

A new banking virus that can steal sensitive personal information has been issued to Android users. S.O.V.A is the latest malware to attack Google’s OS, and researchers at ThreatFabric only identified it last month. Users of popular Google Play Store apps in numerous places around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and European countries such as Germany, Italy, and Spain, are being targeted by a hazardous new Android malware.

The stealthy Android spyware, experts say, can be deployed in a variety of ways and can cause “great damage.”

The malware was named after the Russian term for owl, which is appropriate given that the malware, like its nocturnal namesake, is capable of tracking and catching its target stealthily.

The major goal of the Android malware, according to researchers, is to steal sensitive user information from users via keylogging, overlay assaults, and other criminal methods.

S.O.V.A, however, has a variety of other harmful capabilities, according to experts, including the ability to be utilized in ransomware, man in the middle, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

“This identifies a completely new, to the best of our knowledge, Android banking trojan,” ThreatFabric claimed in an online analysis. The trojan is constantly under development and testing, with the goal of adding other potentially harmful features like DDoS and Ransomware to his overlay and keylogging techniques in future versions.”

“Like many others, S.O.V.A. is also pulling a page out of old desktop malware, confirming a trend that has been present in mobile malware over the previous few years,” the Amsterdam-based security experts continued. Adding DDoS, Man in the Middle, and Ransomware to its arsenal may cause massive damage to end users, on top of the already grave threat posed by overlay and keylogging attacks.”

S.O.V.A is still in the development and testing stages, according to ThreatFabric, although a few samples have been discovered in the wild.

What distinguishes S.O.V.A from other Android viruses is its ability to steal session cookies.

Cookies are an important aspect of the internet experience since they allow users to log in to a wide range of websites. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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