Android is crashing without warning, and users are enraged.


Android is crashing without warning, and users are enraged.

This morning, SAMSUNG, Google Pixel, Motorola, and other prominent Android handsets have been plagued by crashes. Here’s what’s happening with your phone.

Android cellphones all across the world are crashing with no apparent cause. People using Google Pixel, Samsung, and Motorola phones have been hit by the strange new problem, but it’s possible that other brands have been affected as well. When the problem occurs, some cellphones display a message that simply says, “Google keeps halting.” Users are furious because this doesn’t provide much of an explanation for the strange behavior, which renders the phone nearly unusable.

Some users have offered a workaround for the Android crash bug, but nothing is assured until Google releases an official patch.

The problem appears to be related to the Google app, which provides a one-tap shortcut to the latest news and forecasts, as well as Google searches and other services. However, the vulnerabilities affect a number of Google-designed apps that come preinstalled with the Android operating system. Some Android users, for example, have reported failures with the Google Podcasts app. Some customers have also lost access to the talkative Google Assistant, which allows users to use voice commands to set timers, check traffic conditions, answer general knowledge queries, and operate smart home products. Android Auto, which connects your smartphone to your car’s infotainment system, is also unavailable.

Despite the fact that the “Google keeps halting bug” affects a wide range of apps, everything appears to be tied to a single flaw.

The issue appears to be tied to a Google update that was pushed out last night. After updating the Google app to version, Android users have reported that the program crashes every few minutes, even when they aren’t trying to launch it. Although the other apps affected by the perplexing crash bug, such as Google Podcasts, did not receive an update yesterday night, they all use Google services.

If you rely on your Android phone for work, driving with turn-by-turn directions, or simply want to listen to a podcast on your way to work this morning, the latest bug is quite inconvenient. Unsurprisingly, many on social media have expressed their displeasure with the scenario.

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