Amazon has launched its new Echo Dot Kids speaker in the United Kingdom, but that’s not all.


Amazon has launched its new Echo Dot Kids speaker in the United Kingdom, but that’s not all.

AMAZON has recently announced the debut of its new Echo Dot Kids speakers and Kids+ membership in the United Kingdom, which will make any Echo more enjoyable and safer to use for kids.

Late last year, Amazon launched its adorable new Echo Dot Kids smart speakers, which come in two entertaining designs: a Panda and a Tiger. After months of anticipation, the online retail behemoth is finally bringing them to the UK, with customers able to purchase them starting next month.

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These new devices come with a variety of functions that make them entertaining and safe to use, in addition to a design that appeals to the younger members of the family.

Amazon Kids comes pre-installed on the Dot right out of the box, with features like “Magic Word,” which allows the Alexa smart assistant to recognize when a child says please and respond with a pleasant message about being courteous.

There are also extensive parental settings that allow you to switch off the device at particular times of the day and block information that may be inappropriate for youngsters, such as sexual lyrics.

Along with Amazon Kids, the new speakers include a year of Amazon Kids+ for free.

This adds a slew of new features to the gadget, including over 170 audiobooks, ad-free kids music stations, games, and alarm clocks featuring characters from Lost in Oz including Ben 10, Dorothy, and the Scarecrow.

If you already have an Echo, you can add Amazon Kids (for free) or Amazon Kids+ (for £1.99 per month for Prime members or £3.99 for everyone else) to it.

One final point to mention about the new Echo Kids speaker is that it is backed by Amazon’s two-year warranty. That essentially means that if your kids break it, Amazon will replace it for free.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing Echo Dot Kids to the United Kingdom for.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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