Alex Wagner, CEO of First Gen Industries, discusses the company’s plans to expand into cryptocurrency and non-financial tokens (NFTs).


Alex Wagner, CEO of First Gen Industries, discusses the company’s plans to expand into cryptocurrency and non-financial tokens (NFTs).

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Consumer behavior has been dramatically altered by ecommerce, but this new era of commerce is just getting started.

New ad platforms, marketplaces, and Web3 are all shaking up the industry, and First Gen Industries was among the first ecommerce firms to publicly announce plans to integrate Web2 operations with Web3 and the metaverse.

First Gen Industries is a full-service ecommerce firm that manages more than 100 virtual stores on a variety of marketplaces and websites.

The company makes money for its clients and investors by selling over 100,000 different products across all of their storefronts using traffic from marketplaces and advertising platforms.

First Gen stores are primarily designed for passive investors looking to diversify their portfolios into ecommerce assets, but the company also provides services to help brands and products scale their operations online.

In 2021, First Gen experienced exponential growth and is now embarking on its Web3 journey. First Gen will begin by building new tokenized stores and offering an NFT collection to its community, which will grant holders ownership of current and future First Gen projects.

“We’re selling golden tickets to the First Gen revenue factory,” said CEO Alex Wagner, “and we’ve already begun the building process of over (dollar)1,000,000 worth of our Facebook Marketplace and Shopify stores, which will be tokenized and owned by our NFT community, similar to how our clients currently own their stores.”

Additionally, as our R&D department develops more business models, our NFT holders will benefit from each scalable model we develop.

The proceeds from all of this, as well as the rest of our minting proceeds, will be re-invested in the community.

We’ll be buying more NFTs, expanding our online stores, and hosting events for holders, the best part of which we’ll reveal once we figure out how to explain it to the SEC without causing a stir.”

The company’s founder and CEO is keeping an eye on the Web3 space with bated breath.

“I am a big believer in the future of cryptocurrency and NFTs,” Alex Wagner said. “We have hired an internal team of devs for the sole purpose of integrating First Gen and future ventures with Web3, and a big inspiration is Tom Bilyeu and his Impact Theory Founder’s Key Collection.”

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