Alembic Makes Their Debut, Bringing Total Funding to $9 Million.


Alembic, founded by a team of notable chief marketing officers, engineers, and data analysts, attracts venture capitalists’ attention. The company marks its debut by launching a groundbreaking platform that provides an unprecedented source of information to marketers and marketing executives. This information includes the vast insights needed to invest their marketing budgets intelligently and remain competitive in business environments that have outgrown today’s analytics tools. Based on the technology’s unique performance, the founders’ strong track record and high demand for data tools that remove guesswork, the company today announced it has closed a $5.2 million funding round, bringing total funding to date to $9 million.

KB Partners and OCA Ventures, two early-stage venture capital firms, led the round. Alembic will use the money to fuel sales growth and innovate its marketing conversion and event correlation system (MCEC), a pioneering method for collecting, analyzing, reconstructing, and correlating data. Alembic’s AI-driven technology gives marketers the ability to forecast conversions and transactions for the next quarter – instead of constantly looking back. Alembic customers report up to 40% more performance from activation and sponsorship partners, performance that other systems simply miss.

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“Marketing analytics haven’t kept pace with how media, marketing and consumer behavior have evolved,” said Tomas Puig, Alembic’s co-founder and CEO. “Our founders, who include former marketers and engineering leaders from Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter, recognized three years ago the industry had grown hidebound. That’s when we created the platform that can help organizations see opportunities or trouble coming, which enables businesses to go from being reactive to proactive. This is the platform CMOs needed a long time ago.”

Alembic begins by auto-ingesting data directly from numerous channels, including web and mobile-app traffic, top social networks, user-generated sites, news outlets, and transaction and conversion data sources. The platform stores the extracted information, and then proprietary algorithms analyze, normalize, and classify the data before adding context. Alembic finally transforms and displays it into instantly understood intelligence that enables informed rapid decision-making. Alembic’s system helps overcome the limitations of traditional attribution techniques like cookies, pixels, and PII matching.

“With Alembic, our teams and clients can access comprehensive analytics across millions of engagements in real-time, across all channels, whenever they need them,” said Rebecca Paoletti, CEO, CakeWorks, a New York-based video agency and production company. “Gone are the days of pulling manual reports across channels and. Brinkwire Summary News.


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