Ahead of its release, the next Samsung Galaxy Watch has been revealed.


Ahead of its release, the next Samsung Galaxy Watch has been revealed.

ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE BEST-SELLING GALAXY WATCH? You are, of course! And now, ahead of its arrival later this year, we get our first look at the Galaxy Watch 4 design.

Samsung is expected to release a new Galaxy Watch model in August, named Galaxy Watch 4. The next-generation model will be the first since Samsung announced its intention to abandon TizenOS in favor of Google’s Wear OS. Samsung-branded wearables will be able to interact effortlessly with smartphones from a variety of manufacturers thanks to the latter, which is based on Android.

Third-party developers will no longer need to design new software from the ground up for Wear OS and TizenOS gadgets, which might result in an avalanche of new applications for the form factor. Motorola, Fitbit, Google, and Samsung smartwatches will all work with the same app.

However, while the software of the next Galaxy Watch has a lot to look forward to, little is known about the hardware. That is, until now.

Yes, the most recent leak has given us our finest glimpse yet at the yet-to-be-announced hardware. The device depicted in the leaked photographs will be labeled as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, according to a source speaking to Android Headlines. This wristwatch will have a design that is reminiscent of analogue timepieces, as the name suggests.

The rotating bezel, which has been one of the Galaxy Watch’s primary selling points, will be retained on the Watch 4 Classic. This allows you to navigate menus and notifications without leaving greasy fingerprints on the touchscreen, which is really convenient.

Two large buttons on the right-side of the watch, which also assist to make it look more like a traditional watch, aid navigation around Wear OS.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be available in three sizes, according to the story, which initially emerged on Samsung-centric blog SamMobile. Stainless steel or aluminum will be available in all three sizes. The latter is likely to be the most cost-effective solution.

As always, any normal 20mm watch band will work with the design, allowing you to repurpose any old straps.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but we expect the Galaxy Watch 4 will be priced similarly to its predecessor.

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