‘Aggressive’ parking note on driver’s car was attacked –’misinformed jobsworth.’


‘Misinformed jobsworth’ attacked by ‘aggressive’ parking note attached to driver’s car.

Express readers have slammed a parking note left on a driver’s car after they parked on their own street as “small minded” and “aggressive.”

It comes after a motorist near Glasgow was told by a neighbor that they had “no right” to park their car on the street just metres from their home.

The note stated that the driver was “causing an obstruction” and that if it was not removed, the authorities would be notified.

However, Express readers claimed the neighbor was “misled” because they had “no authority” to demand the car be removed.

“Has anyone else noticed how many people these days seem to be so aggressive and looking for a problem?” Jenniffer Garcia continued.

“More than we’re used to dealing with.”

“Another misinformed neighborly jobsworth making a fool of himself,” ‘DingleDell’ added.

“Sadly, there are a minority (thank goodness) who are so unhappy with their own lives that they want to inflict the same on everyone they come into contact with,” ‘Broadbeans’ added.

“It is a public highway, and as long as you are not obstructing driveways or designated parking spaces indicated by road markings, you can park there,” Nelson Montgomery added.

“If you find this person, you can sue them for criminal damage to your vehicle because they have no authority to issue such a notice because they are not a police officer or a traffic warden.”

“Do it again,” IanBrown3 added.

“They have no press rights and, as a result, no control over this.”

“As long as the car is parked legally and is not obstructing traffic.”

“Who are the authorities?” enquires the narrator.

I have a feeling they don’t even know who they are.

“Powerless little people with small minds.”

Similar problems were reported by some Express readers on their own streets, with some even admitting to “winding up” some nosy neighbors.

“Got one of these people down our street,” ‘Deano 206’ said.

“All we do is laugh at him and park in front of his house even more to irritate him.”


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