After O2, EE has revealed that EU roaming charges have returned, and the price is shocking.


After O2, EE has revealed that EU roaming charges have returned, and the price is shocking.

EXCLUSIVE: Mobile network EE has joined O2 in announcing that it will reintroduce unpopular roaming charges when traveling across the EU, and the costs aren’t cheap, with consumers paying £2 per day to use their UK quota.

Customers on O2 have just been informed that they would soon be subjected to the notorious EU roaming charges while traveling throughout Europe, and now EE has confirmed intentions to reinstate the dreaded additional charges as well. Starting in January 2022, certain customers will be required to pay £2 per day to use their 4G or 5G internet, calls, or texts when in Europe, according to the network. That implies a two-week vacation in Spain might cost each member of your group an extra £28. Ouch.

For £20 per month, EE is offering a 5G-ready SIM with 160GB of data.

You’ll also get unlimited calls and texts, as well as six months of Apple Music for free.

Although the news that EU roaming costs would become prevalent in post-Brexit Britain is undoubtedly unpopular, the BT-owned company has stated that not all of its clients will be affected.

After July 7, 2021, customers who join EE, or existing users who sign up for a new contract or SIM-only deal, will be subject to the additional EU roaming rates. So, if you’re currently a customer of the organization and want to continue with your current plan, you won’t be charged anything more.

Sign up for a new SIM-only deal as soon as you decide to switch to a new smartphone to obtain better terms…

You’ll have to pay EU roaming fees once more.

EE also claims that when purchasing a new SIM or contract, you may tack on a Smart Benefit, which can be utilized to gain free data when traveling.

“From January next year, EE will introduce a new flat fee of £2 per day for customers wishing to roam across 47 European destinations (with the exception of ROI, which is included in domestic plans), allowing them to use their plan’s full data, minutes, and texts allowance,” an EE spokesperson said of the changes. This will only apply to new and upgrading EE customers starting on July 7, 2021, and will help fund investment in our UK-based.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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