After Microsoft confirms R2R’s arrival, repairable Xbox consoles will be available | Will Series X/S be included?


More repairable Xbox consoles might become a reality, thanks to Microsoft’s announcement of its upcoming right-to-repair initiative.

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If you don’t know what R2R is, it is the freedom of having your gadgets, electronic products, or in the case of Microsoft, your consoles, to be repaired or fixed by other companies or repair shops.

Right now, Microsoft still doesn’t allow third-party repair service providers to fix its popular gaming gadgets, especially Xbox Series X and Series S.

Because of this, many consumers have been urging the tech giant manufacturer to have its own right-to-repair initiative. One of the major reasons consumers want R2R to arrive is that various speculations claimed that Microsoft intentionally makes its Xbox models more difficult to repair.

Repairable Xbox Consoles Might Become a Reality

According to Popular Mechanics’ latest report, Microsoft confirmed that it is already working on its upcoming right-to-repair movement. As of the moment, the giant tech developer has already hired an independent third-party company to observe and study how R2R would affect its business.

Repairable Xbox Consoles To Arrive After Microsoft Confirms R2R's Arrival | Will Series X/S be Included?

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The new study would specifically be conducted by As You Sow, a California-based advocacy group. On the other hand, the agency also said it would work with Grist to provide the results by 2022.

However, the application of R2R to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles would still depend on the company’s final decision since it will evaluate the conclusions before acting on them. If the tech firm agrees to the results and implements right-to-repair on its popular gaming gadgets, it would be the first U.S. gadget creator to accept the integration of right-to-repair.

Are Xbox Series X and Series S Included?

As of the moment, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the Xbox console models that would be included in its upcoming R2R yet. Since Xbox Series X and Series S are the company’s most in-demand devices right now, many consumers would definitely love seeing these models taking advantage of the right-to-repair movement.

However, MS Power reported that Xbox Series X/S might not be able to use R2R. This is because Microsoft has designed them under. Brinkwire Summary News.


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