After making basic insurance mistakes, almost 14,000 drivers have been barred from driving.


After making basic insurance mistakes, almost 14,000 drivers have been barred from driving.

DRIVERS have been advised that failing to have the appropriate level of insurance is more likely to result in their license being revoked than driving dangerously.

According to a Freedom of Information Act request made to the DVLA by insurance experts MoneyShake, road users are penalized more for not having the proper insurance than for driving skill. Between 2017 and 2021, a total of 14,512 drivers were immediately barred from the roads for not having the proper insurance.

In comparison, only 13,900 people lost their freedom as a result of driving recklessly and endangering others.

It is illegal for road users to operate a car without at least third-party insurance, according to GOV.UK.

They caution that even if the vehicle is insured, road users may be held liable if they are not insured to drive it.

This will very certainly result in a £300 fixed penalty and six penalty points.

In very extreme circumstances, however, drivers may face an unlimited fine and be barred from driving.

The authorities may also take or destroy the car if it is operated without insurance.

Driving without the proper insurance, according to GEPP Solicitors, is “risky” because drivers are “certain to get detected.”

“If you are the driver, you must be mentioned on the insurance,” they said. It is not enough to have insurance on the vehicle you are driving.

“You will be breaking the law if the insurance is in the name of someone else.

“Driving without insurance is dangerous because automatic number plate recognition cameras make it highly probable that you will be caught by the authorities.

“If you are caught driving without insurance, you will face fines and points on your license, as well as the possibility of being taken to court, convicted of an offense, and having your license suspended.”

However, with penalties being issued for a wide range of driving-related offenses, there is no explanation as to what unsafe driving could entail.

According to DVLA data, almost 192,000 people have lost their licenses due to drunk driving in the last four years.

Meanwhile, over 68,000 people have been banned from driving after driving while under the influence of drugs.

Over 31,500 people lost their licenses after driving while they were previously suspended from driving.

Speeding offenses, car theft, and failing to identify the driver were among the other causes for drivers losing their license.

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