After attempting to sell nuclear submarine secrets to another country, a US Navy engineer was arrested.


After attempting to sell nuclear submarine secrets to another country, a US Navy engineer was arrested.

(Unsplash/Christian Wiediger photo) Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation According to documentation issued on Oct. 10, a US Navy nuclear engineer and his wife were arrested and accused with attempting to transfer the US Navy’s most closely guarded secrets and procedures on submarine knowledge with another countries.

Arrested and Charged US Navy Engineer

According to Reuters, Jonathan Toebbe, a nuclear engineer in the US Navy, was suspected of passing sensitive knowledge about the assault submarines’ nuclear power system to another countries.

Rivals of the United States, like as China and Russia, have long been interested in the country’s submarine propulsion. It was unclear whether the uninvited gift was intended for an ally or a foe.

Toebbe has been in the Navy since 2017, and he was previously an active-duty Navy member. Since 2012, he’s been working on naval nuclear propulsion, as well as developing experience in studying submarine vibration and noise, which can reveal their location.

The materials in question included designs that are useful to a variety of foreign submarine manufacturers.

In Nevada, the US Air Force tests a safe version of the B61-12 nuclear bomb.

According to The Washington Post, the United States and Britain would assist Australia in deploying nuclear-powered submarines under the terms of the agreement.

These submarines are equipped with nuclear propulsion systems that provide unlimited range and operate quietly, making them difficult to detect.

Nuclear propulsion is just one of the numerous secrets guarded by the United States Navy. Enriched uranium is used to power the reactors, which can be converted into a bomb gas for nuclear weapons.

Engineers face a difficult task in designing compact, secure naval reactors. Until the agreement with Australia, the United States has solely shared its expertise with the United Kingdom since 1958.

The FBI’s Role in the Arrest of Toebees

According to Politico, the inquiry into Toebees’ case began in December 2020, when the FBI received the package deal that had been delivered to a foreign country.

Operational manuals, technical details, and a suggestion for a covert partnership were all included in the bundle. The agreement was caught in the mail system right away and forwarded to an FBI approved attaché.

The FBI received the instructions in the package and began an encrypted conversation. In exchange for $100,000 in cryptocurrency, the sender shared Navy secrets and procedures.

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