After a parking camera error, a couple was fined £70 for refueling their car – ‘be aware.’


After a parking camera error, a couple was fined £70 for refueling their car – ‘be aware.’

A COUPLE has been fined £70 for filling up their car with gasoline due to a camera error.

Before receiving the fine, the drivers went to an Asda petrol station in Woodchurch, Wirral, to fill up their car.

They were issued a £70 parking ticket after a camera error at the supermarket caused the parking systems to believe they had been at the location for nearly six hours.

In fact, the couple had gone to the site twice on the same day: once to get groceries from the supermarket and again later in the day to get gas.

The vehicle was seen entering the Asda store and leaving the petrol station hours later, according to the Parkingeye cameras.

As a result, the system assumed they were in the car park the entire time, resulting in a three-hour and 44-minute overstay of the free parking limit.

The couple, who were not identified, had to show that they were legitimate customers with receipts and bank statements in order to have the fine waived.

The couple posted to the Crimewatch Wirral Facebook group, urging drivers to keep their receipts, in an attempt to warn others.

“Just wanted to make people aware,” they wrote, “we recently received a £70 parking fine from ‘ParkingEye,’ who are in charge of parking in Asda, Woodchurch.”

“We didn’t stay in the car park for five hours and 44 minutes, as the letter claimed!”

“We went to the store in the morning and then went back for gas in the evening.

“The cameras had mistakenly recorded two of the four events and had us listed as being in the car park the entire time.”

“I went into Asda and was told they could quash it if I brought the letter, receipts, and bank statement into the store.”

“I didn’t have it with me, so I appealed the fine online with a copy of our bank transactions, and I just got notification that it was cancelled.”

“I wanted to alert people in case something similar happens to them.”

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Many commenters expressed concern about their encounter, claiming that they were unaware the supermarket had parking cameras.

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