After a large fine, drivers lash out at the Belvoir Castle parking system, calling it a “genuine mistake.”


After a large fine, drivers lash out at the Belvoir Castle parking system, calling it a “genuine mistake.”

DRIVERS who were ticketed for parking at Belvoir Castle believe the system is “designed to catch you out.”

Melanie Fletcher, 58, and her husband, 57, said they underpaid for parking and it was a “honest error.” They went to the old Leicestershire castle in May, and a receptionist urged them to pay when they departed.

They claim that when they attempted to pay, the ticket machine didn’t indicate the exact amount owed.

They ended up underpaying by 36 minutes as a result of this.

A parking fee notice was given to them as a result.

The fee was £80, but if paid promptly, it would be lowered to £60.

The couple filed an appeal with Initial Parking Ltd, but it was turned down.

Mrs Fletcher claims that the parking system “seems to be waiting for you to make a mistake” and is “simply designed to catch you out.”

“It’s one hour free, and we’d been here for another two to two-and-a-half hours,” she told Nottinghamshire Live. He had paid for parking, and it turned out that we had underpaid by 36 minutes at this time.

“You don’t realize you’ve made a mistake until you get a letter in the mail informing you of it.

“It already clocks you in as you go in, so it knows you’re there.”

“They ask for your registration when you come to pay for your parking so they can tally up the payment with the car.”

According to the couple, the machine did not reflect the full amount they owed.

The appeal was denied, and they allege they received an automated answer that stated, “If you do not hear from us for a while, do not think this issue has gone away.”

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The Fletchers stated they received no more information after the letter until Debt Recovery Plus informed them that they had missed two payment dates and owed £170.

“All guests parking in the main car park at Belvoir Castle receive their first hour of parking time free and can purchase additional parking time at any point throughout their visit,” a spokesman for Initial Parking said.

“The 36-year-old motorist, who had been on the scene for two hours.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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