After a breakup, the driver is ‘ready’ to sell his ‘profoundly ugly’ motorhome, which he says ‘taunts me daily.’


After a breakup, the driver is ‘ready’ to sell his ‘profoundly ugly’ motorhome, which he says ‘taunts me daily.’

After parting up with his ex-girlfriend, a HEARTBROKEN campervan owner hopes to sell his old recreational vehicle on eBay.

A man from Barnsley is selling his Bedford CF campervan from 1984, which he describes as a “great restoration candidate.”

The man explains why he’s selling the campervan on eBay, stating that he “never wanted a campervan, but my now ex-girlfriend did.”

The white 1984 Bedford CF motorhome is a right-hand drive with adequate room for three people to sleep.

On October 5, the vehicle’s starting price was set at £300.

With just over one day left in the bidding, 41 offers have been received, bringing the total to £1,540.

“We compromised and got a camper, without ever seeing it beforehand, might I add,” the ad states.

“It was supposed to be a ‘joint’ endeavor, but it devolved into her complaining for half a day about the shed we’d brought and the rest of the time on my back about how long it was taking to turn it into her ‘beautiful calm cabin on wheels.'”


“Fast forward a few months, and she decided to pack her belongings and go (presumably for a man with a much more impressive motorhome than mine), leaving only this miserable slab of misery on wheels behind.

“It acts as a personal reminder that the last several years of my life have genuinely and utterly been a waste, aside from being an eyesore and dragging down nearby property prices.

“As you can probably tell by now, I’m itching to get this stuff off my hard drive and put an end to this tumultuous chapter.”

Despite his less-than-ideal situation, the seller, using the pseudonym milnthorpe31584, did highlight several pros about the RV.

The living room’s timber frame was completely repaired after showing signs of deterioration from a prior leak, according to the owner.

In addition, to prevent further leaks, the motorhome has been sealed and filled with a moisture barrier.

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It comes with everything you need for a campervan, including a wire tackle, a 240-volt power outlet, a battery charger, and fuse boxes.

The bathroom appears to be completely full. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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