After a £100k privacy row, Ring has issued an urgent doorbell warning — here’s how to avoid being caught out.


After a £100k privacy row, Ring has issued an urgent doorbell warning — here’s how to avoid being caught out.

Ring doorbell owners are being cautioned that if their neighbors complain, the security tech might result in a hefty fine.

Ring customers should make it apparent whether one of the doorbells is in use at a home, according to Amazon, who distributes the Ring devices.

“We highly encourage our customers to respect their neighbors’ privacy and comply with all applicable laws when using their Ring device,” Ring stated in a statement.

“We’ve built features into all of our devices to keep privacy, security, and user control at the forefront, including customisable Privacy Zones to block out “off-limit” areas, Motion Zones to control the areas where customers want their Ring device to detect motion, and Audio Toggle to turn audio on and off.”

Owners should put Ring stickers on their door or windows to let people know they’re being filmed, according to Amazon.

You can utilize the Privacy Zones function to limit your filming to your own property.

The warning comes after a man was compelled to compensate his neighbor £100,000 for invading her privacy with his Ring doorbell.

After a judge concluded that his use of the cameras violated data regulations and caused harassment, Jon Woodard, 45, was told that he might have to pay Dr. Mary Fairhurst the hefty sum.

After burglars attempted to steal his car in 2019, the audio-visual technician said he installed the four gadgets.

However, Dr. Fairhurst of Thame, Oxfordshire, complained that the Ring devices were “invasive” and that she felt “constantly monitored.”

Mr. Woodard, who was “very saddened and startled” by the decision, is now “petrified” of losing everything.

“This court judgement means I’ll probably have to file for bankruptcy and close the business down because I can’t spend £100,000, let alone $5,000,” he added. “How is that reasonable?” I’m terrified since it’ll cost more than £200,000. It’s terrifying to think I’m about to lose my home and my business. I’ll never be able to own a home again.

“It’ll be the end of my life.”

The internet-connected Ring doorbell gadgets are primarily designed to notify an absent home-owner when a visitor comes at the door.

Using the doorbell’s built-in camera and microphone, the owner can then use an app to view and speak with the visitor.

During the Covid pandemic, Mr Woodard claimed his Ring doorbell was a lifesaver because it allowed him to connect with delivery drivers and postmen without having to open the door.

He and his wife also feel safer knowing they can see who is at the door before answering it.

Dr. Fairhurst was very passionate about… Brinkwire News.


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