Adverts will now be shown on NOW TV, and turning them off will cost you money.


Adverts will now be shown on NOW TV, and turning them off will cost you money.

For thousands of subscribers who don’t pay extra, SKY is introducing commercials to its contract-free streaming service NOW TV this month.

Web-based streaming service In the coming weeks, NOW, formerly NOW TV, will add commercial interruptions. When watching on-demand movies or boxsets, the streaming service, which is owned and operated by Sky TV, currently does not include any advertisements. However, for individuals who are unwilling to pay more money each month, this is likely to alter.

NOW provides contract-free access to a variety of Sky’s exclusive channels, including Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and Sky Atlantic, which is home to must-see US drama series such as Mare Of Easttown, Succession, and The Undoing. Viewers can now watch live television or catch up on on-demand boxsets. While commercial breaks are currently present on live channels (as they are on Sky Q or Virgin Media), NOW is also introducing commercial breaks to its on-demand content.

This is in contrast to some of its greatest competitors, such as Netflix.

NOW will begin running advertisements on July 15, 2021, according to an update to its FAQ support website. Unfortunately, the bargain-hunting blog provides no additional information regarding how the adverts will function. Advertisements may be shown before and after the show or film, as with Amazon Prime Video, or at regular intervals throughout, as with terrestrial catch-up services like ITV Hub, All4, and others.

If you don’t want to go through commercials, NOW subscribers who have the optional Boost add-on added to their account won’t have any.

On-demand episodes and movies are downloaded with advertisements at the beginning with Sky Q, however they can be skipped. For those who don’t have the Boost add-on, this isn’t possible on NOW. Advertisements will be included in on-demand episodes and movies and will not be skipped. These adverts will never be seen by subscribers who pay an extra £5 per month because they will not be downloaded when watching on-demand material.

The most recent tweak appears to be part of NOW’s larger plan to make the optional Boost add-on more appealing to customers. While Boost has been around for a while, it has only appealed to people who want their streaming service to have the highest resolution possible.

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